• The Best Foods for French Bulldogs with Allergies (2020 Guide)
  • The Best Dry Dog Food for Liver Disease
  • Shih Tzu
  • The Best Foods for French Bulldogs
  • The Best Grain Free Dog Food for Small Breeds

The Best Foods for French Bulldogs with Allergies (2020 Guide)

Organic hypoallergenic formulas are better for our canine friends because they contain healthier ingredients than processed regimens. If you are looking to supplement food for your French Bulldog’s with hypersensitivity problems, invest in the products that are both high-quality and affordable. For many pet lovers that are committed to the idea of hypoallergenic feeding, struggling to find such items can be a big disappointment. If you are having a difficult…


The Best Dry Dog Food for Liver Disease

Liver diseases are one of the most common health problems seen in dogs and can mimic some conditions such as allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, and aging problems in older dogs. Liver diseases can also range from anything between infections, inflammation, and obstructions. Essentially, it can be described as any condition that compromises the normal functioning of the hepatic-biliary system in canines. This is a subject for further discussion. For now,…


Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu… This small thoroughbred dog is sometimes called the Chrysanthemum Dog, a lion dog, a dog bringing harmony and happiness into the house, a pet of Buddha. All these nicknames describe the breed very well. There are a large number of legends about this animal. The history of the origin of the breed dates back to more than one millennium. Few people will remain indifferent when they see such…


The Best Foods for French Bulldogs

When you’re thinking of getting the best tasty foods for your French Bulldog, the last thing you have time for is a boggy list of products you can’t trust. Don’t get it twisted: If you can whip up a world-class meal for your pooch in a minute…more power to you. For most of us mere mortals, healthier certified dog food is probably the most realistic option. And to be honest,…


The Best Grain Free Dog Food for Small Breeds

If you are a loving dog parent, bet you want just the best for your little canine friend. Small breeds tend to be really energetic and friendly. However, the right nutrients are key for a long life of love and fun. It’s also your duty to keep them completely away from bad foods that may hurt their health. Too true; learning about every single ingredient out there can be overwhelming…


Best senior dog food grain free

The free grain dog food market has developed significantly over the recent couple of years, and the vast majority of dog owners wish simply for time to look at each and every product to ensure our pooches get what they need. These foods range from a few tens to hundreds of choices, as a result, it becomes challenging to the best picks. The good news, however, is that we have…