Best Collars for French Bulldogs

Being a pet owner is a unique and exciting experience but it also entails taking a lot of responsibility in terms of proper care of your dog. Nutrition, walks, grooming, cleanup, vaccinations, and lots of other aspects of pet parenting need to be taken into consideration when you commit to having a canine companion.

Buying a collar for your French Bulldog might seem to be one of the easiest tasks out of all but in fact, it is very important to approach the purchase of this device very seriously. Since we all know that French Bulldogs may experience issues with breathing because of their brachycephalic skulls, finding the collar that will not harm your pet is crucial.

Top 5 best collars for French Bulldogs

Whether you want your dog to look super cute or prefer LED collar for your pup with safety issues in mind, these days you can find all of that on the market, and even more. So what collar to choose for your four-legged companion? Let’s explore the five most popular types of collars suitable for French Bulldogs, with some of the pros and cons of each.

BSEEN LED Glowing Dog Collar for Night Safety


Keeping your dog safe in low light conditions is very important, especially when you walk your Frenchie at night close to the road without a leash. The LED light is visible far enough to spot your pet while he enjoys himself running around. The collar is cuttable so you can adjust its length and make it perfectly comfortable for your dog.

Key features

  • Under sufficient charge status, your pet will be visible approximately 500 meters (1640 ft.) away from you;
  • The collar is made of TPU material and its total length is 70 cm;
  • There are three different settings and you can use the easy-push button in order to change from slow flash or quick flash to a steady glow;
  • Even though the collar should not be used underwater, the product is weatherproof and water-resistant.


  • High visibility;
  • One-size-fits-all feature;
  • Durability and water resistance;
  • Three different settings;
  • Charge lasts up to 6 hours;
  • Eco-friendly;
  • Reasonable price.


  • The product needs to be recharged with mini-USB cable.

Blueberry Pet 20+ Patterns Spring Scent Floral Collar Collection


If you are searching for something super cute for your dog, no matter if it is for a special occasion or everyday use, don’t look any further. Blueberry presents a beautiful floral collection of collars, which are adjustable thanks to the buckles. For the perfect look and dressing up, metal floral charm or flower accessory can be added.

Key features

  • Made of high-density polyester, which results in the collar being soft but durable;
  • Has a comfy neoprene bottom layer;
  • Buckles are crafted from eco-friendly plastic;
  • For the increased durability, nickel-free coated D-ring is added;
  • Gives a dog very feminine spring-ready look;
  • The collar goes as a single product but the matching leashes, harnesses, and lanyards are available.


  • Pretty floral design;
  • Great variety of prints available;
  • The collar is sturdy but easily adjustable;
  • Accessories can be added and taken off when necessary;
  • The product looks stylish so compliments are guaranteed.


  • The collar is made of fabric and the print might fade over time.

Custom Catch Personalized Dog Collar – Engraved Soft Leather


With this dog collar from Custom Catch, you will no longer be annoyed by the noise, which a tag with the important details can sometimes make. All the information such as phone number and a pet name is engraved on the collar. You can choose various text styles and add additional designs at no additional cost.

Key features

  • Several colors to select from;
  • Made of genuine leather;
  • Comes in large, medium, small, or XS collar sizes;
  • The width varies according to the dog size;
  • You can pick either paw, bone, or heart design added to the main information about your dog;
  • Collar has a leash hook on it;
  • Easy to adjust by feeding the metal tongue of the buckle into the right hole.


  • Durability and safety;
  • Unlike metal ID tags, which can be lost or become almost unreadable with time, this dog collar with the name engraved will remain permanently readable;
  • Leather is soft on the inside so the collar can be worn for long periods at a time;
  • The text on this collar can be seen from 5 to 10 feet away.


  • Because the collar is personalized, it is not returnable.

GoTags Personalized Dog Collar, Custom Embroidered


Here we have another product, the information on which will still remain readable even with time. GoTags Personalized Dog Collar has the pet name and the owner’s phone number embroidered for long-lasting identification. It is made with comfort in mind and the brand offers a great variety of colors, in terms of both collar itself and embroidery threads on it.

Key features

  • Available in 4 sizes (XSmall, small, medium, and large);
  • 5 collar colors (blue, orange, black, red, and pink);
  • 15 thread colors including classic white, black, red, and a range of neon colors;
  • Up to 25 characters of the collar text;
  • There is a leash attachment and a stainless steel D-ring for tag;
  • Made of high-quality nylon webbing with smooth tapered edges for a truly comfortable fit;
  • A secure plastic side release buckle for easy one-handed quick release.


  • The small amount of rain will not damage the product;
  • An easy-to-read bold text;
  • The length is adjustable;
  • The name and the owner’s phone number are in clear sight;
  • The clasps are sturdy.


  • Some customers are dissatisfied with the logo placement.

Personalized Premium Dog Collar with Metal Clasp


Personalization will always be one of the coolest features of any product. As for the dog collars, the indicated pet name and owner’s phone number is usually sufficient for the safety of your dog. Yet, in case of personalized items that are developed by Yellow Dog Design Inc., you can get as creative as you want. The maximum number of characters is 24 and you can also add an artistic icon to enhance the personality of your pooch.

Key features

  • The customized dog collar is covered against fading, breaking, fraying, tearing, and chewing;
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA, from start to finish;
  • The product is computer generated and integrated with the fabric;
  • The hardware is nickel-plated and classified as all-weather;
  • There is a metal keeper to prevent resizing while on the dog;
  • Includes a patented metal clasp and sturdy D-ring for the leash attachment.


  • You can add any text that you want;
  • Unlike stickers, decals, or other surface applications, the paint on this collar will not come off;
  • The collar can be personalized.


  • The product has metal detailing so corrosive environments such as salt water are to be avoided.

Types of collars for French Bulldogs

Frenchies are adorable and very often the owners want to increase their pet’s attractiveness with the help of a cute flowery collar. At the same time, some pet parents prefer a studded or even a spiked neck accessory. After all, this is the look that we often associate bulldogs with.

You can also turn your four-legged friend into a glamorous diva with the help of zircons on her neck or make your dog look like a true elegant gentleman by letting him wear a plaid collar with a bowtie.

GPS tracking collars are great for any pet in case the dog wanders off or even gets snatched by someone else. French Bulldogs are not an exception so investing in a collar, which can help you track your dog, might be a great idea.


How to choose the best collar for French Bulldog

When looking for a collar for your French Bulldog, there are a few things to consider. The perfect collar for the Frenchie would be an adjustable and durable item, which does not have the potential to restrict airflow to the dog’s lungs.

Visually pleasing design is important but not as much as the comfort and safety of your pet. As long as the fabric doesn’t irritate the dog’s skin and the product is safe in general, your French Bulldog can wear pretty much any collar available nowadays. However, because of the Frenchie’s small size and high risk of breathing issues, veterinarians do not recommend using a choke chain with this breed.


Choosing the right size when buying a collar is extremely important. You need to measure your dog’s neck circumference and leave the space to place two fingers. As your Frenchie grows, he naturally becomes bigger so purchasing adjustable collars will save you money in the long run and, most importantly, will ensure the comfort and safety of your pooch.


As for the fabric, it is better to choose durable materials. Genuine leather and padded collars made of nylon webbing will suit your French Bulldog perfectly. A buckle should be solid and it would be great if it is eco-friendly and made of stainless metal. It should not cause irritations or cuts on the dog’s neck.

Conclusions – What is the best collar for my French Bulldog

When choosing a collar for your French Bulldog, remember that while the design is important, comfort and safety of your pet always comes first. Ideally, it is good to have several collars for different occasions and purposes. Hopefully, our list can help you choose the product that will fit your pooch in the best way so that you could keep your beloved French Bulldog healthy, safe, and happy at all times.