Best Rolled Leather Dog Collars

TOP 5 Best Rolled Leather Dog Collars

Whether you’re concerned with price, quality, comfort, or timelessness, these are the best rolled leather collar you’ll want to add to your pet’s wardrobe.

Hamilton Dog Collar


The Hamilton rolled collar has been in style for more than 28 years, and you can bet it’s going to stay in style. The collar is designed in the likeness of the traditional American flair. It has become one of the best-selling rolled leather dog collars for its single longest-lasting abilities. While the hardware is water-proof and resistant, it’s handmade from vegetable-tanned hides.

Key features

    • Black-accented, brown-accented, and all-white pairs are available too.
    • The length between 14 and 26 inches
    • Comes in a box
    • 2–Nickel-plated D rings


  • Full-grain rolled leather — incredibly durable
  • Easy to care for
  • Affordable price
  • Available in 4 sizes ranging from ⅜ and ½ inches to ¾ and 1inch
  • It can be worn on just about any dog and still looks great


  • Only a few color options are accessible

BronzeDog Dog Collar


As a wax-coated-horse rolled leather collar, BronzeDog has plenty of crossover between sports and fashion. The collar features everything dogs need — a leather upper, breathability and plenty of support with the added D-rings. The best part about the BronzeDog is that it’s available in 8 colors: burgundy, black and light brown, golden, mustard, light blue, etc. While they’re all distinctly attractive, the most popular shades you can buy are black and brown. You can put them on your dog and not look like you’re dressed for a game of pickup basketball.

Key features

  • Equipped with an adjustable buckle is if you choose to resize it for a perfect fit
  • Gold-plated D-ring for attaching leashes while on the go
  • Customizable ID patches for dog identification
  • 17 inches long and weighs 30 grams


  • Available in extra small, mid, large, extra-large sizes – 6 sizes in total
  • Will never go out of style as the leather is full-grain
  • Plenty of variety if you want any accent color – 8 colors
  • Made from only hypoallergenic materials


  • Looks best when kept perfectly clean. Since it is not waterproof, making sure of that is rather tedious. The leather retains dirt as a result.
  • The color stains the leather. So, you can only dry clean it without wetting

CollarDirect Dog Collar


The CollarDirect rolled collar is revered for its multi-use functionality. It’s built for training, but it’s also great for dog walking, shows and casual wear.
Unlike any other rolled collar ever made, this was made up of a collection of many colors. Designed for dogs and puppies, the genuine leather was intended to return energy to the wearer’s neck. It proved to be a success for training, but it quickly became a hit with versatile cool seekers and fashion dog enthusiasts.

Key features

  • Adjustment buckle for putting on and off in seconds
  • Double D-ring system for fastening leashes
  • Widest size collection – from extra small to extra large (6
  • Length can be up to 21 inches
  • 27 grams of weight


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • super comfortable for small, medium and large dogs
  • serves as a great casual collar.
  • Highly recommended for canines that mat easily


  • The buckle can be flimsy
  • Appropriate sizing is still a challenge even though there’s a wide range

Dogline Leather Collar


If you have a less-is-more approach to fashion, but in search of optimal durability and premium quality leather, the Dogline collars are built to last. While many of the best rolled leather collar stand atop a brand legacy and identity, the Dogline collar is just a simple style from a small luxury brand that’s all about quality. Rather than let you figure out sizes yourself, the company pairs up the item with a size that is actually accurate. The neckband features a premium full-grain leather, nylon finish and dyed exterior.

Key features

  • Fortified with metal rivets to sustain the durability
  • Comes in 7 shades and 12 sizes
  • D-ring and buckle for refitting the gear


  • Made using premium leather
  • Built to last
  • Good for preventing tangles
  • Sturdy yet soft


  • Very similar aesthetically to more affordable options
  • Dye may wash into the fabric

Berry Pet Dog Collar


Berry Pet rolled collars come in only two cool colors — black and brown but the former colorway is arguably the best pair. For its complete and utter timelessness, the device is made of copper. While the dog collar technology is biodegradable, it has pushed the market beyond the point of being laidback. No matter if your dog is young or old, skinny or chubby, chances are you’ve owned a pair (or two or three) at some point in your life. If you’re shopping for a collar for large-sized dogs like Rottweilers or Golden retrievers, Berry pet really should be your top choice — and if for some reason it’s not, the collar you do pick was probably inspired by it.

Key features

  • Available in various sizes. All you have to do is pick which one fits your dog.
  • Buckle and D-ring
  • features the iconic All-Star logo on the medial sides of the shoes.


  • Timeless design
  • Affordably priced
  • Easy to maintain


  • Minimal buckle holes – just 3
  • not good small breeds.

How to Choose the Best Rolled Leather Dog Collar


Collars – a dog’s best friend. Yes, you read that right. It’s not treats but the best training tools which any canine can fall in love with. Still, with the plethora of styles, types, sizes and manufacturers on the market, it is sometimes a daunting task to shop the best-rolled leather dog collar for your pet (plus everyone has limited cash budgets and can’t just buy anything!).

Think of your dog’s training collar as one of the fundamentals of his/her journey to a unique start. If you’re choosing to train a dog from scratch, you have to start with good gears. And, while the dog products’ industry may make you think that the “best” rolled leather dog collar is all about the “right” fashion, picking one should really be about fit, efficiency, and injury prevention.

Below is a rundown of the absolute factors you should remember and effectively pay special attention to while purchasing rolled leather dog collars. Along these lines, you’ll have confidence that you’re spending on genuine products rather than on shams not worth the pain.

Base Your Choice on Size

Rolled leather collars are designed for dog training. Dog training is designed to make dogs better pets. But without a proper fit, any collar is as good as trash. Believe it or not, size does matter and plays a central role in deciding what collar dimensions to consider.

Manufacturers make these collars to help facilitate the actions of each training activity so dogs can outperform your expectations. For instance, some rolled leather collar brands insert size charts to streamline the search for the perfect size. They also tend to have a set of guidelines on how to measure your canine’s neck size. The only thing is that not all manufacturing companies think alike. Some provide these tips, while others don’t.


If you’ve found yourself stuck with the latter, here’s how to measure your dog’s neck size using either a tape measure or a collar

  • Measuring with a tape: With the help of a tape measure, size the neck of your pooch. Simply, wrap the tape snuggly around the neckline, the area just behind the ears and measure it. Add 1 inch for a small dog and 2 inches for medium to large-sized breeds. Other than a tape measure, you could also use a string and then compare it against a standīng ruler.
  • Measuring with a collar: Place the rolled leather collar on your dog. Try to see if you can pass two (typically the index and middle fingers) fingers through it. Check if it’s too wide or too tight: If more than two fingers fit easily, then, the size is too big and needs to be reduced. If you can’t slide two fingers in, then the collar is too tight and needs to be freed up.

The final alternative is to use a pre-made size chart. If you do not have one, this brief guide will help you do just fine. Take a look:

  • XSmall/adjusts 8″-11″
  • Small/adjusts 10″-15″
  • Medium/adjusts 14″-19”
  • Large/adjusts 18″-24″
  • XLarge/adjusts 20″-29″

It’s important to select a rolled leather collar in order to prevent unexpected accidents or injuries. If your dog’s collar is too loose, chances are he/she can easily slip out of it. On the other hand, a very tight collar could make breathing difficult or even gag the dog in your absence. Trust that your furry friend can move better too with the appropriate size of collar that sits snugly on the neck.

Set Your Budget

Dogs’ collars range in price from a few tens of dollars to hundreds. The last thing you want is to dash into a pet store, have your dog fall in love with the most expensive rolled leather collar, then get in the middle of an unwelcome credit card bill. Go on and set your budget before you go shopping. If you know your upper limit is $50, don’t even look the way of any collars more than that.

The trick is to always be realistic with your budget. When it comes to the best rolled leather collars, to some extent, you’ll most definitely get what you pay for. A word of caution, however, is this: A collar of $10 is never going to offer all of the support features that one of $30 or $70 does. With that said, some professional dog trainers argue that the highest-priced rolled collars are really no better than the less expensive options offered by the same manufacturers.


In other words, when comparing a $30 worth of rolled leather collar to a $70 pair, it’s possible you’re throwing money down the drain by choosing the pricier option. Therefore, setting a mid-price budget is reasonable and could get you a high-quality rolled leather dog collar.

Avoid Shopping Based on Brand – go for quality over name!

It doesn’t matter if you value a Louis Vuitton dog collar more than any other basic dog product brand – it might not offer the right rolled leather collar for your pooch, his/her fit or needs. When shopping for such collars, commit to reviewing several different manufacturers. You might be surprised to learn that the rolled collar that fits your dog best is actually from a brand you’ve never tried before.

Shop for soft texture and consistency

As the day wears on, your dog’s leather collar also wears. By shopping for rolled collars with soft texture and consistency, your dog is to be at their safest – not to mention the quality advantage. It’s better to buy a dog collar that’s slightly subtle to the neck than one that’s too tough and rigid And, because dogs need to breathe freely during exercise, a soft rolled leather collar is more likely to allow breathability. If you’re pet active, you may have to replace the collar every couple of years.

Check the Return (Warranty) Policy

Before heading home with new dog collars, check the store’s guarantee policy. Some specialty retailers are incredibly accommodating, giving their clients up to 30 days to return rolled leather collars, even if they’ve been worn. If the pet shop you’re visiting doesn’t offer this type of warranty policy, you might want to take note of the collar, and head to a different supplier. It would be disappointing to return home to find that your four-legged friend’s new collar hurts or doesn’t fit, without any option to change them.

Dogs Suited for Rolled Leather Collars Vs Dogs who are Not


What collar a dog wears can say a lot about the breed and what to expect within eye range when you are choosing it. So, for this crucial reason, let’s see how to pass the test of dog’s roller collars: Which dogs are appropriate for this?

Dogs with thick, long fur

Unless your pet is somewhere between thick or long-furred, you really do not have to bother about a roller leather collar. These collars will be ideal for preventing tangles and mats from forming, which is a lot likely among the other collar styles. In any case, you feel your short-haired dog deserves a rolled leather collar, by all means, buy one. In as much as they are endorsed for dogs with thick coats, roller collars can be used on other canines.

Dogs with Sensitive Skin

The collar itself has largely remained unchanged, with leather being the preferred fabric, dogs with delicate skin are protected from allergy attacks. These collars could replace nylon and other flimsy materials that way too often cause skin problems. As such, genuine leather which tends to feature a timeless quality is best.

Rolled Leather Collars are Never for Pullers

If you have actually got a pet dog that pulls on their collar, and many breeds are notorious for this much more than others, then a rolled leather collar is not the best alternative for them. And you may wonder why?

Let’s start from the basics –

  • Excess pressure: Pets that pull are far better off putting on a harness where the pressure will be center around their belly and also not a location as fragile as their neck.
  • Tears and wears: A rolled natural leather dog collar will not be so resilient if your canine sustains the same pulling force throughout the time of its use. Overall, it might be stronger than other types of collars, however, eventually, it will fall apart as a result of the continuous stress.

With that said, clean, untangled, and unmatted coat with a majority of furred dogs is hard to keep up — simply put, they’re the pain point of every dog parent.

Almost every collar in existence has been made to help dogs, one way or another, but trying to figure out which one is truly the best for long-haired canines can be pretty difficult. And, frankly, what’s “best” for your dog is going to depend on his/her own set of criteria, like style, comfort, and materials.