The Best Foods for French Bulldogs

When you’re thinking of getting the best tasty foods for your French Bulldog, the last thing you have time for is a boggy list of products you can’t trust.

Don’t get it twisted: If you can whip up a world-class meal for your pooch in a minute…more power to you. For most of us mere mortals, healthier certified dog food is probably the most realistic option. And to be honest, such a list doesn’t just fall right off the roof.

To have a befitting review of the best food for French Bulldogs, proper, in-depth research has to be conducted. To a greater extent, healthy dog food should be organic, balanced and delivers the needed dietary needs in their right amounts.

Hint: if you’re at a loss for where to take off from, don’t worry, this article has you covered. Below is a keen outline of the top food products you can buy.

10 Best Dry Foods for French Bulldogs

Most pet grocery stores are loaded with colorful packs of foods with cute images to attract canines and their owners. Dog food manufacturers likewise constantly tag their products with claims such as “gluten-free” or “grain-free” aimed to reassure pet parents. In fact, many of these items are puffed grain meals in gorgeous packaging, with just minimal nutrients added to make them seem healthful. How do you know which ones are actually grainless and which ones aren’t?

Here is a checklist of top products to pick from, with their descriptions, pros, and cons.

Blue Buffalo


This is produced using great protein sources. It contains real meat and chicken to help dogs’ framework, and to reinforce their muscles. The Omega 3 and 6 unsaturated fats segments guarantee coats/hides are kept sound and alluring.

Key highlights

  • Component parts: nutrients and minerals: The formula is improved with a great deal of fundamental vitamins and minerals that increase the wellbeing of French Bulldogs
  • Other constituents incorporate cranberries, blueberries, peas, and carrots that generally improve this regimen.
  • It likewise includes Blue’s restrictive life source bits: a cell reinforcement fix that was cold-formed, to ensure the supplements are not damaged by heat.


  • It’s stuffed with higher vitality per kibble, guaranteeing that your bulldog’s vitality prerequisites are met without having too much food
  • Little kibble size is compatible with French Bulldogs who have smaller jaws and higher risk of gagging on large food
  • Blue Buffalo promotes joint capacity and movement
  • Pooches gain high fiber and adjusted supplements from it
  • It is completely stuffed with immune-resistant ingredients


  • It is costly

Hill’s Science Diet


Above all else, the components input here are all-natural. This canine food is detailed to attention with no fake flavors or additives. It is anything but difficult to prepare, and in that capacity functions well for French Bulldogs who may encounter acid reflux or dyspepsia.

Key highlights

  • Component parts: sustains omega-6 and Vit E mix. These nutrients support the skin and bring about solid shinier coats
  • It also contains a significant amount of proteins that are useful for fit muscles.
  • The kibble sizes are in addition small― 4.5mm by 7.5mm to prevent gagging in bulldogs


  • It is hypoallergenic and non-dangerous for furry babies
  • Dogs love the real taste, and it is unchanged for all flavors
  • Supported by vet specialists


  • It isn’t without gluten
  • Other dangerous components are present—soy, corn, and so on



There’s no contending that little breeds additionally require an extensive measure of nourishment. This regimen encourages pooches to be dynamic and live their best lives. It contains a ton of fiber which helps in self-tooth cleaning. There’s positively no flavors and no added sugar.

Key highlights

  • Component parts: it’s made up of all the nutrient classes
  • The flavors are appreciated by pets, particularly on if he/she is a critical eater
  • No additional sugars or sulfates


  • It contains totally adjusted (improved) ingredients
  • This is a financially savvy approach to take care of canines
  • There is a variety of flavors to purchase in case your dog gets bored of a single type


  • It has a low protein content
  • It contains additives
  • It may be hard for the pooch to process since it has no probiotics

Rachael Ray Nutrish


The principal composition here is chicken. Moreover, canines get quality meat that is farm-raised in the U. S. Together, all the proteins added in it help your Bulldog to form lean muscle mass. It incorporates fiber as well and other indispensable supplements that help dogs’ general wellbeing.

Key highlights

  • Component parts: Contains Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids. These make sure bulldogs retain glossy furs and coats
  • It contains cranberries, a characteristic cell reinforcement for cancer prevention and anti-anxiety parts your little pooch’s nerves
  • Little size, huge taste-The kibbles are planned in little nibble sizes, to make it simple for your canine to eat


  • Effectively absorbable
  • It generally good for dogs’ stomachs


  • It contains fake coloring

Purina Pro Plan


You can utilize this when taking care of a whole French Bulldog family. It’s brimming with dense proteins from chicken. The other noticeable base is rice. Vit A is also present and ensures better vision. By and large, this is for little breed dogs with unique kibble size needs and simultaneously, a need to keep up sparkly coats and perfect skin.

Key highlights

  • Component parts: contains probiotics for food absorption particularly for Bulldogs which frequently have an issue with gas
  • It contains quality meat; chicken to enable your canine to improve organs’ and muscular health


  • It contains quality meat
  • Incredible taste and surface are appropriate for French Bulldogs
  • No concealed ingredients


  • Contains a ton of fruits and vegetables which may upset the bowel

Wellness Core


This item accompanies a notable amount of good meat; chicken to enable your canine to remake and fortify its muscles. It bolsters solid hip and joint structures. Significant micronutrients like Glucosamine Hydrochloride and Chondroitin Sulfate are additionally a part of it.

Key highlights

  • Component parts: it contains sound fatty acids from normal plant sources. For example, flaxseed and salmon oil. These substances help to grow out better hair and skin quality
  • Probiotic which nutrient assimilation in Bulldogs (with indigestion and flatulence
  • Blueberries are added to improve the quality fee


  • It is without grain. This could be a reward if your French bulldog is hypersensitive to grains
  • It contains a huge level of great meat, which is generally excellent as small breeds need a protein-rich routine to remain sound
  • Guarantees less brittle nails and flaky coats in canines


  • This thing isn’t prompted for use with hyperactive French Bulldogs
  • High price

Hill’s Science Diet


This dog regimen is defined totally with 100% natural constituents. There are no fake flavors or additives. Uncommonly defined for weight reduction, it is intended for overweight and obese dogs. The effects become noticeable as early as 10 weeks of usage.

Key highlights

  • Component parts: chicken, veggie, B12 group of vitamins, minerals, and so on
  • Small kibble sizes; 4.5mm by 7.5mm and take out any stifling dangers


  • Fit for muscle support
  • Appropriate for less active canines
  • 100% adjusted fixings
  • Unobtrusive fat content


  • It contains more carbs than proteins

Cesar Small Breed Dry Dog Food


This is a filet mignon flavor mixed with enough vegetables. The main part is the meat. The consistency and flavors make your pooch amped up for eating times. There are 21 constituents that keep it nutritious.

Key highlights

  • Component parts: includes every single supplement
  • Has little kibbles
  • It contains genuine meat


  • It has a ton of good ingredients that your canine needs.
  • An assortment of flavors are accessible
  • Reasonable price


  • It doesn’t contain probiotics for sound assimilation
  • It contains sugar

Nutro Ultra


This superfood formula is upgraded by utilizing quality ingredients that boost strength in Bulldogs. These plans have genuine chicken as the main fix and feature a trio of top-notch proteins. The proteinous components include chicken, sheep, and salmon, including a blend of substances like coconut, chia, kale, and blueberries. The effect is seen best in young pooches. Grown-up canines likewise derive advantages of various sorts from it.

Key highlights

  • Component part: trio of High-Quality Protein Sources-It is uniquely planned with a trio of good meat; chicken, sheep, and salmon to enable your pooch to assemble, reconstruct and reinforce its muscles
  • The routine has a select superfood mixture. This feature unites top-notch creatures, grain, foods grown from the ground, and so on. It is made with Non-GMO fixes


  • It contains no corn, wheat or soy protein and no added substances
  • It is a mixture of superfoods that are nutrient-rich and can be served routinely to adult dogs


  • Needs prebiotics (vital for digestion)



It contains flaxseed which is an extraordinarily filled with Omega 3 unsaturated fats for good skin and coat. It is in like manner planned with chicken, an organically farmed animal-based protein.

Key highlights

  • Component parts: it contains blueberries enriched with Vitamin A and C, Potassium. Fiber and different carotenoids which are important cancer prevention agents are a part of it
  • Fixes, for example, great proteins, Vitamin A and Vitamin E help to keep up ideal wellbeing and help in building a sound invulnerable framework
  • It contains prebiotics, probiotics help in supporting sound processing


  • It has protein as its integrant
  • It is in micronutrients that your bulldog requirements for ideal wellbeing


  • It is pricey

How to Choose the Best Dog Food for the French Bulldog


The French bulldog is one of the most popular dog breeds. It was 1st seen in England, having been the result of a cross between the English Toy Bulldog and the local French Ratter during the mid-1800’s.

This particular breed of small-dog is a sweet-tempered dog known and preferred as one of man’s ideal companions especially for city dwellers and families, being even more popular because they relate so well with young children.

They don’t need plenty of exercise, leading to a tendency to obesity and their being prone to a number of diseases. Due to its diverse physical and nutritional needs, selecting the best food is of vital essence to the quality of life of this amazing dog breed.

That being said, there are 2 major varieties of dog food in the market. We’ll go through each and determine which option might be the better option for your French bulldog.

Dry Food for French Bulldogs

The dry kind of dog food contains a moisture volume in the range of about 3-11%. It is crafted by combining and cooking animal feed ingredients consisting mainly of meat and sometimes grains. In this process, the starch is broken down into a more easily digestible product, and at the same time, sterilized and detoxified.

It doesn’t need to be refrigerated and so can be left out for a number of days, even weeks, without proper storage before it goes bad. This is an advantage in terms of its storage and feeding. It is affordable and is more energy-rich than the wet food variety.


It has the disadvantage of not having as rich a taste as the wet option. It is also more likely to contain preservatives than wet dog food. Interestingly, it is the more popular option and holds a majority in the pet food market.

Wet Food for French Bulldogs

The Wet kind of dog food has a higher moisture content ranging from about 60-78%, a lot higher than that in dry dog food. It often comes in sterilized cans or packs. Almost all types of wet dog food have less amount of protein and fat content per kibble, to a portion of dry dog food.

To meet your dog’s energy requirement, you’ll have to apportion a bigger amount of wet food than dry food to meet your dog’s energy requirement. It is also a preferred option if your dog doesn’t like to drink water since it provides extra moisture.


Wet dog food has a better taste for a dog and so, it might be advisable if he/she doesn’t like bland diets. It is also much easier to digest. The problem, however, is that wet foods have been linked to weight gain―a red flag for your dog. It also has a tendency to spoil faster. Once opened, it loses its storage advantage.

Nutritional Recommendations for French Bulldogs


French Bulldogs typically aren’t any different from other dogs in nutritional requirements. They need food that is easily digested, has complex carbohydrates, has a high percentage of lean animal proteins and filled with an array of vegetables and fruits. Let’s look at the major food classes that are contained in your bulldog’s diet, how essential they are, and how much they need in order to function optimally daily.


An adult French bulldog requires a minimum of 5% of fats in its diet. Saturated fats are not a great choice for your dog. It’s the healthy kind; the fatty acids which you have to see to it that your dog is getting in a higher percentage.

This is because they are prone to skin conditions like atrophy and contact allergy. Therefore, their food should definitely contain the right ratio of omega-3 to Omega-6 (Fatty acids) to curb such issues and greatly aid in healing and caring for their skin.

Fats are also a good way they store up energy in their bodies. Ideally, they should get their fats mostly from animal protein, to help check issues with digesting the food.



Complex sugars are good sources of carbohydrates for your French bulldog.

Carbohydrates like sweet potatoes, potatoes, millet, oats, rice, barley, etc can be used to supplement starchy carbs with those that have low glycemic content for your dog.

The grain in your dog’s food should, however, be less than a third of your bulldog’s whole diet. If there is too much grain in your French bulldog’s diet, it increases the chance of it being obese.


It is recommended that the food for your bulldog should contain at least 22% protein, either beef, chicken, lamb, etc. Animal proteins should be the major if not only source of protein, because dogs digest them very easily. Plant proteins are not easy for them to digest.

Protein is needed by French Bulldogs to build muscles, to stimulate the production of hormones and enzymes, and of course, for tissue repair.



Your French bulldog’s calorie intake depends on 3 key qualities:

  • How old
  • How active
  • Dog’s health

A healthy adult dog needs about 576 Cal, and for an older dog, it needs about 471 Cal. An active adult dog, however, requires nearly 916 Cal. If you’re measuring the calories per body weight, an inactive bulldog needs just about 25 calories per pound of body weight.

A slightly more energized bulldog requires about 30 calories per pound of its body weight. Energetic Bulldogs, on the other hand, need about 34 calories for a pound of its body weight. Due to their quick ability to put on weight, watch your bulldog carefully, increasing or decreasing calorie intake as needed.


Your bulldog needs vitamins and minerals as they are vital to his overall well being and development. Vitamins like A, D, E and K aid with nourishment and proper growth of his/her hair, teeth, nails, and skin.

Calcium and Phosphorus are also some of the fantastic minerals your dog needs. It needs them for the formation of strong bones, cellular repair and in helping your bulldog grow.

Additional Dietary Information


Even though it’s true that French Bulldogs don’t need a lot of physical exercise compared to most dogs. Do not short-change his energy requirements. It is of essence that his meal should contain protein, high-quality animal protein. They need appropriate and complete nutrition for optimal energy so as to function all day.

It is critical to read closely the labeling on your French bulldog’s food. The calorie density is different for each product, so, accurately measure and avoid overfeeding your French bulldog. It has a very small stomach, even compared with other small dogs. So you’ll need to feed him thrice daily.

Doling out treats and snacks all the time may seem to be a form of affection, but be careful, because it’s easy to overfeed dogs. The result will be harmful to them: if you cut short whole meals and more frequently feed treats. Let’s not forget that the more obese a bulldog is, the more at risk he/she of diseases that often affect their breed.

What to Consider When Choosing Foods for Bulldogs


There are several essential things to note when choosing food for your French bulldog. Make an informed choice based on the considerations in this segment, and you’ll certainly see the outcomes with your puppy.

Caution: when you change your French bulldog feed, a procedure is in place to avoid health complications in your digestive system.

It’s not OK to just move stuff, this usually causes digestion and stomach discomfort.

You’re advised to slowly change between 5-7 days in a sequence of transformations.

Every day you should continue with small portions and then slowly up the ante until it’s fully adapted to the new food.

The Transition should look like this:

  • Day 1: 25% new diet and 75% old diet.
  • Day 3: 50% new diet and 50% old diet.
  • Day 5: 75% new diet and 25% old diet.
  • Day 7: 100% new diet.

For some breeds, this transition period may even be longer. Always watch your dog closely during this time and, if you see any odd signs, call your vet.

French Bulldogs In general, are not so easy to take care of due to their special health needs, physical and physiological structure, but with the right care and attention, they will develop strong and healthy and live a full, happy life.

Final Thoughts


It is obvious that finding the best dog food for your French bulldog may seem a little difficult, but if you follow this guide carefully, you’re not going to make a mistake.

However, if you are still not sure where or how to start, please consult a veterinarian who has experience with French Bulldogs and let him know about your questions.